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Cynthia’s mother is from Colombia and Eric’s is from China, so it’s remarkable in a way that these two people are now engaged to be married. This was our second and successful attempt at getting together for their portraits. The first time we were rained out. The second time we got very lucky with a perfect day in between May snow showers.

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This entry was posted on Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 at 1:45 pm and is filed under Engagement.


  1. dang brett you do such a great job at finding the light and your comps are so awesome!

  2. Incredible stuff always Brett, especially love #s 2 and 6!

  3. Great photographs Brett! It took me a while to find couple on 5th photo :)

  4. Dude, come on! You are a master.

  5. way too much awesome going on here!!!!

  6. jojojjo wow is amazing, :)

  7. That first image is great.

  8. So complicated and so strikingly uncomplicated all at once… Meaning there’s a lot going on but the compositions really draw you to the couple and all around the photo… Love the smoothness of these images, the mirror-like glass all different colours looks amazing, and the placement among the green foliage could not have been easy, love it!

  9. 5th picture took me a minute or so to figure out….brilliant Master Brett!

  10. Fabulous compositions!!! Love your use of light.

  11. Brett, you are so in the zone!

  12. That first photo… great!

  13. puffff!!! incredible images, Sensei!!! see u soon.

  14. How? Seriously, how do you see like this? Love all of them, but especially the first and the 6th shot.

  15. Far Out Brett, this is what one calls above and beyond and then some. Love every single one of them.

  16. Absolutely love that first image…nice work, kid!

  17. Awesome set, Brett! Love the 1st and 3rd ones especially

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