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Photographer Candace Cross, who shoots boudoir photos for many clients herself, found being on the other side of the camera to be much harder than she ever expected it to be. I always admire artists who take a risk and hire a photographer with a completely different style than their own to shoot their personal images. Durango boutique Nectar generously supplied most of the wardrobe.

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This entry was posted on Friday, March 18th, 2011 at 9:30 am and is filed under Portraits.


  1. Wow, these are stunning, Brett! Great variety and great choice of location. Atmospheric. That hallway shot – whoa.

  2. dude–these are pretty hot. awesome job, man!

  3. killer eye, hot stuff, love the one in front of the red light door

  4. Brett, these are hot hot HOT! Love your use of color and light through the set

  5. Sensei, you are LOCO!

  6. Mesmerized by every photo. Raw and beautiful.

  7. LOVE them Brett! I’m shooting sexy myself and love the inspiration! :)

  8. Wow!! Love them all!! Great job Brett

  9. So great to see results outside of your wedding and documentary work. Really wonderful ideas Brett!

  10. Stunning images…stunning model…wow…

  11. these are AMAZING master Brett!!!

  12. wow

  13. wow my monitor steamed up!

  14. Wow, I love the dark overtones and contrast of these photographs. It’s definitely sensual but shows a grittier inner sexual tension with the colors and composition. Ingenious!

  15. Saying these are outstanding images is an understatement! Love the look you created. Well done.

  16. im sorry but this is ridiculously amazing. stunned. as always.

  17. seriously some of the best boudoir photos i’ve ever seen. amazing work brett!

  18. Wow! – so innovative Brett! – very unique shots!

  19. Wow! Love that last one. Very nice. Cool to see your approach with this kind of “assignment”

  20. Wow, you took sexy to another level!

  21. damn boy. teach me your ways.

  22. Totally amazing ! I love them all ! They’re all very unique and so creative !

  23. Great shoots, light is lovely Brett!

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