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Carlos Y Gretel | Oaxaca, Mexico Wedding

Oaxaca is a legendary town made famous by many photographers and artists capturing its magic. For years I’ve enjoyed looking at National Geographic and Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey’s work from here. But I never dreamed that I’d get to shoot pictures of a colorful wedding in the heart of Oaxaca’s Zocalo on my first trip to the region. Gretel is a Mexican painter whose work can be found at galleries and auctions worldwide. Her style of decorating her wedding in as much color as possible was amazing to photograph. During the ceremony, at the Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, most of us couldn’t help being distracted by the details of this spectacular building, which was completed in 1666. After the Catholic Mass, all of us marched 16 blocks through town to the Oaxaca Cultural Institute for a reception that lasted until dawn. It was fun to reunite with my videographer friends from San Miguel De Allende, who call themselves Cinelab SMA. The well-known and talented photographer Rafa Ibanez flew in from Monterey and helped me photograph the wedding. His gentle approach and eye for light was a huge asset for an unforgettable weekend in one of Mexico’s most beautiful colonial cities.

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16 Responses to “Carlos Y Gretel | Oaxaca, Mexico Wedding”

  1. holly Caw! :)

  2. Great Job Brett. Great colors, Great moments.

  3. Such incredible work through and through. You have brilliant eyes my friend.

  4. Love your vision Brett, It was pure eye candy to see the results of you and Rafiño’s working together.

  5. Amazing like always, Rafa his not bad too ;) !!

  6. Love them all. Thanks so much Brett, it was an incredible experience shooting with you, I learned a lot and I appreciate very much your time and help. I need to tell everyone that Brett was not feeling well before the wedding and besides that, he did an amazing job shooting until 4 am.

  7. these are incredible brett! the wedding, the photos, everything, amazing!

  8. Wow! Phenomenal!

  9. Gemma Gonzalez (Gretel's mom)

    April 2nd, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    Speachless!!!! The colors, the moments, the essence, the love… all was perfectly captured!!! I always knew Brett was THE PERFECT choise :) … Thank you Brett, Thank you Rafa… For your dedication, long hours and patience!!! The pictures belong in an Art Gallery , that’s all I can say!!! My heart goes out to you Brett for not quitting on us even if you were sick!! I love you both!!!! You make an awesome team!!!
    BIG HUGH!!!

  10. Brett as always Great Solid Work! Bien Hecho Rafa!

  11. First visit on your side. These pics are amazing. I love them all.

  12. no one could have shot this better. i found myself cursing while flipping through the images. really stunning job guys!

  13. Mexico is a wonderful destination and you did it justice!

  14. love it my friend! Seeing a Oaxaca wedding from your perspective is just awesome.

  15. Well done, Brett! I study your work as a fine example of understanding light, composition, and capturing a moment, foundation workshop essentials. I look forward to meeting you on day, especially if you visit Minnesota:)

  16. Amazing work, no words!

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