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Juliana + Johannes | Curacao wedding

Juliana and I were brought together by the tragic death of her originally-scheduled photographer, yet like so many things in life, it just felt meant to be from the very beginning. The Dutch island of Curacao has what most photographers love; color, beaches, a passionate culture and an edginess that inspires most of us to leave the comfort and monotony of our homes to travel. Juliana and Johannes’ families have roots on this Caribbean Island, but they planned their wedding from South Korea, where they currently live. The wedding ceremony and reception were at the Landhuis Jan Thiel, a former plantation about a mile from the ocean. The day after the wedding our portrait session ended on the famed yacht called Zenji, a wonderful way to end the weekend.

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13 Responses to “Juliana + Johannes | Curacao wedding”

  1. always get excited when i see you posted something new, Brett, and for good reasons… so good!

  2. Beautiful beautiful work Brett!

  3. Wow! Such an amazing job. I am so glad that they were able to book you for their wedding considering their sad circumstances. This looks so beautiful! I am so happy for them and YOU (that you got to be there for what looks like an incredible wedding).

  4. Fantastic work Brett!

  5. Wow. These are so impressive and just utterly amazing. I had to go through them twice.

  6. Brett, I wanted to thank you and Mallory for such an incredible job, you captured Curacao that I love, the photos at the beginning are so telling of life there with the kids, I was laughing so hard on the Emma Bridge and it was the kids talking in Papiamentu, they were jiving each other about Juliana. The photos so far are amazing, I have to keep going back and looking at them and see them through your eyes, how you did it. You GOT my island so beautifully, down to the rocks and the dirt and the bars and old buildings, the textures and colors and you say it in pictures. It was a magical time for all of us, as you can see in your photos and you caught it for us to enjoy over and over again. Thank you, well done to you both, Best Gayle

  7. Seriously?!! So beautiful. You and Mallory killed it.

  8. Nice narrative, Brett. Your pictures flow so smoothly!

  9. Ah-Maze-Ing! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous wedding photojournalism, Brett!

  10. one word, increible.

  11. Brett, you have an amazing eye for subtlety. I just love the photo of the bride from above fastening her shoe with the spot where it looks like someone was just sitting. The first photo- were you on land? Is that just where you happened to be or did you orchestrate being on another boat?! I also like the cake perspective. Its fun to see your thought process and brave decision making.


  12. Love this wedding Brett, so good, so you!

  13. it’s a pleasure to see your art my friend. love it

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