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Casa Hyder Wedding | Lauren + Ryan

The Hyder house is one of my favorite wedding venues in San Miguel de Allende. Choosing San Miguel for Lauren and Ryan’s small, destination wedding was simple – Lauren’s family has a home here. Beyond all of my favorite elements of this wedding; the wonderful light, colors, decor, intimacy of the old house, I also enjoyed the quieter details – how the pastor carried his own special shot glass, how Lauren became so nervous before the ceremony, Ryan’s calm demeanor and how Lauren’s father nestled his face in the cleavage of the mojiganga. Designed by Penzi weddings and events. Photos by Brett Butterstein and Mallory Olenius.


Casa Carino Wedding | Stacey + John

Stacey and John’s wedding in San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico was my kind of day. It had lots of booze, adventure, nudity, a tuk tuk and very happy people. This was my first wedding with planner Catherina Castrejon of Penzi weddings and events. When moments became challenging, her friendly face and attention to detail made everything better. Photos by Diana Chavez and Brett Butterstein.


Instituto Allende Wedding | Sloane & Ruby

Fashion designers Sloane and Ruby, both stylish and beautiful, married in the backyard of San Miguel de Allende’s Art Institute. Sloane’s brother Christopher officiated. I could write a lot about Christopher, his family, how I shot his wedding, how we’re neighbors in coastal Southern California and how significant he has been in connecting me to this wonderful city. But this time I got to get to know Sloane and I was along for the ride. Ruby and Guadalupe of Penzi weddings and events had the ideas and the vision and Mallory Olenius and I just tried to keep up.


Vanessa + Michael | San Miguel De Allende Wedding

When it rains in San Miguel De Allende it only seems to make this place more romantic and magical. The San Miguel De Allende Parroquia, a famous landmark visible from most vantage points in town, is where Vanessa and Michael had their wedding ceremony. Their catholic mass was the first event I photographed inside of this historic building. They both got ready at Hotel Casa Rosada and their reception was at the private residence, Villas Xido. There is no wedding like those done by Penzi Weddings and Events. Like a wedding photographer with his or her own style, Guadalupe and her team have their own look and feel. Their attention to detail, hard work and authenticity continues to amaze me. What I appreciate about Michael is his quiet wisdom, demand for perfection and willingness to do anything for pictures. Vanessa was a dream to work with. Her stunning features and easy laugh made her my favorite subject in recent memory. Congratulations to Photographer Kristina Cazares Neri for expecting a baby! She traveled all the way to Mexico while pregnant to photograph this wedding with me.


Pedro + Cristina | San Miguel De Allende Wedding

On a rainy evening in San Miguel De Allende last fall, I had dinner with Cristina’s parents, unknowing that in 2014 I would be photographing their daughter’s wedding. Cristina and Pedro are proof that opposites attract. She is as shy as he is outgoing. They planned their wedding at the new wedding venue, Hacienda San Jose La Vista. Their Catholic mass was near the Jardin at the Temple of San Francisco. The always impressive army at Penzi Weddings and Events  made everything colorful, photogenic and over the top.


Mahya + Enrique | San Miguel De Allende Wedding

Mahya and Enrique are crazy about photography which is why we are crazy about them. Their Mexican / Persian fusion wedding was in one of my favorite places – San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. Their rehearsal dinner and ceremony were at Casa Cece. The reception, overlooking San Miguel Cathedral, was at The Instituto Allende, a place where art is taught and one reason this place is so famous among foreigners. Wedding photographers love San Miguel De Allende for it’s colorful architecture and beautiful light. However this rainy day didn’t stop us from wandering around the center taking portraits and having fun. The event planner was Guadalupe Alvarez of Penzi Weddings. Photos by Brett Butterstein and Mallory Olenius.


Thalia + Ricardo | San Miguel De Allende Wedding

Mexicans sure know how to celebrate and one of the reasons I love shooting in this country is that I never really know what’s going to happen next. Thalia and Ricardo and their friends partied hard for three nights in a row and photographer Jason Seagle and I did a pretty good job of keeping up. On their wedding night, we closed the Mint Club Privado in San Miguel at 7 a.m. The woman singing in the blue dress towards the end of this blog post was a wedding guest and is a former Miss Universe. Many of the wedding events took place at the Rosewood Hotel in San Miguel and the ceremony and reception were held at a private estate. Guadalupe and her team with Penzi Weddings and Events blew my mind with how they handled such a large affair.

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