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I met wedding photographer Shane Macomber at the Foundation Conference last year when I was one of the presenters. I was more than flattered when he and Lindsay decided to book me for their lake wedding at Lindsay’s family summer cottage. The guest list was loaded with talented photographers and it was a blast getting to know all of them.

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 at 11:08 am and is filed under Weddings.

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  1. Brett, great work. You definitely captured the feeling of the weekend. Now I’m glad I caught that kid or it would be a much more embarrassing image.

  2. You deserve every award you get, because I’m constantly in awe of what moments you capture! The colors and angles, and that pic of the little girl jumping…priceless.

  3. Brett, your honest rendering of beautiful moments is a gift to all who know you!

  4. Beuaty on this wedding, framing master!

  5. Awesome stuff Brett, love that first photo of the boat and Shane and Lindsay really amazing stuff. I know Shane is super stoked on the work you did for him and Lindsay.

  6. Brett, this set is amazing!!!!!!!!

  7. Brett, Lindsay and I are both blown away…’s truly beyond words for us. The first image you chose to open with is one of our favorite portraits. The truck load of moments to follow leave us speechless. Thank you a million times over.
    PS, I could be biased but I think you definitely have a few award winners in here!! ;)

  8. Brett this is my favorite wedding from you. Christopher has a damn good eye too!

  9. yeah, i think you should become a wedding photographer soon man.

  10. Brett, as always, you have such wonderful coverage of each and every wedding. The images you and Chris present here of Shane and Lindsay’s wedding, to me, reveal how their place and this day were both wound together in a very personal way–and your images elevate the emotional ties between both. Nicely done!

  11. always great!

  12. As always, great work Brett!

  13. beautiful images sir.

  14. Amazing work, love your compositions and journalistic approach, and I agree with your client, that top image is beyond incredible. I think American Photo should have named you THE top wedding photographer!

  15. It may or may not be normal (probably not normal) to cry during a slideshow of a couple’s wedding you’ve never met, but when you know the photographer and know he’ll be shooting your own wedding next fall, the tears couldn’t be helped. What amazing photographs of what looked to be an incredible day – bravo, Mr. Butterstein.

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